Monday, May 31, 2010

My Children's Safety "Protecting Your Child"

My Children's Safety Protecting down through the Years

The first day your children were born, we have made every effort to provide a home environment that is safe for them.  You buy cabinet door latches and safety gates.  You make sure that all guidelines are followed when buying a crib met and you do not put anything in it that could be a potential harm to your baby.  You always remember to put dangerous items that could harm your children on a higher shelf to keep them from injuring themselves.

But as time goes on and your children grow up, it is necessary and natural that we give them some leeway to explore their their world.  We allow them to play outdoors, ride their bikes, walk down the street to visit their friends and trusting them to explore the neighborhood.  Before giving your child is freedom, InstantAmber recommends you take the extra step and check your neighborhood and surrounding area, including your children’s school zip code, for the presence of child molesters and sex offenders this will give you more peace of mind.

In many studies it has shown that child predators/molesters that have been convicted of crimes have a tendency to repeat their criminal activity on female members a rate of 15 to 30% and up to 40% with male victims. 
This recidivism rate is Often more than likely under-estimated because they reflect only the number of sex offenders convicted, punished, then released back into the general community. In most cases the majority of the sex offenders are rarely reported, thus never prosecuted or subsequently counted in these figures.

You can find many Internet websites where you can check your your neighborhood for children Sex offenders and molesters.

 United States Department of Justice sex offenders public records website:

  Family Watchdog

Both websites allow you to search by location- city, street, state and zip code and the name of the offender.  Listings normally include photographs , name and physical description of offender.  Included in the details are the crimes and criminal activities and convictions.  The department of US Justice website, you need to click on advanced search to find by location.  You will need to accept the terms and conditions and enter a security code to access their information.

you can also find sex offenders registration at individual states.  Just Google in your state sex offenders registration and you can check your state registry and more information.  This is very important for the safety of your children to take the time to check out your neighborhood.

 Here are more sources;

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